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Welcome to Villa Guadeloupe! Here is some information on the history, culture and geography of the island, as well as tips to help you organize your trip to Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe practical informations

Time Difference 5 hours of lag in winter and 6:00 in summer with the metropolis. How to go to the West Indies With regular lines: Air France – Corsair – Air Caribbean Language French and Creole, Guadeloupe villa but we welcome you also in English, Italian and Spanish. Health Department french, Guadeloupe is subject to […]

Traditions in Guadeloupe

Caribbean Carnival Carnival is an old tradition that goes back to the time of colonisation. The European colonists brought their Shrove Tuesday customs; the natives quickly adopted but on which they added their own personal touch. After slavery was abolished, the custom kept on and has since remained a highlight in the life of the […]

20 reasons to spend holidays in Guadeloupe

If you need further convincing, we had fun to list some good reasons to holiday in Guadeloupe. You will quickly see that spend your holidays in Guadeloupe is a joy. Renting a vacation home in Guadeloupe will guarantee you a dream vacation! Guadeloupe is a region of France, one of the few showing an average […]

Geography of Guadeloupe

Located 4666 miles from PARIS and 1800 miles from NEW YORK, in the heart of the West Indies archipelago, between the Caribbean sea and the Atlantic Ocean , Guadeloupe is composed of two islands, Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, separated by the river “Riviere salee” Called the Emerald island, but also know as “the butterfly” since the […]

Climate of the Caribbean

French West Indies in the Caribbean have the advantage of a tropical and maritime weather. Two great seasons govern the Caribbean life. The rainy season is from mid-june to mid-November, muggy weather, know as “hivernage”. Trade Winds are less powerful. The Ineter-Tropical Convergence Zone, kind of weather equator or “pot au noir” for the seamen, shift […]

Population of Guadeloupe, Caribbean

The population of 422 000 inhabitants is composed of different socio-ethnical groups and is a mixture of several races. -The black population that came from Africa is evident today in almost all the activities of the island. They represent the majority of the Guadeloupean society. -The “Bekes”, called “Blancs-pays” (local whites) or “Creoles”, born on the island […]

History of Guadeloupe in the Caribbeans

Christopher Colombus landed at the Ste Marie de Capesterre on the 4th of November 1493, in honour of Santa Maria de Guadelupe de Estramadura. Before is arrival, the inhabitants of the island, the “Caraibes” had named their land “Karukera”, “Island of beautiful waters”. But the Caraibes Indians were decimated slowly by the settlers. Lieutenant LIENARD […]