Population of Guadeloupe, Caribbean

The population of 422 000 inhabitants is composed of different socio-ethnical groups and is a mixture of several races.

-The black population that came from Africa is evident today in almost all the activities of the island. They represent the majority of the Guadeloupean society.

-The “Bekes”, called “Blancs-pays” (local whites) or “Creoles”, born on the island are the most ancient inhabitants after the Caraibes and the Arawak Indians. They are the descendants of the wealthy plantation owners and they control the economy, which include agriculture, the banana trade, sugar cane and rum…

-The “Matignon whites”, also known as white Guadeloupean, who may be related to the Prince of Monaco, came from France during the revolution. They settled at “Grand-Fond” and cultivated the land.

-The Indians came to the island after the abolition of slavery in 1848. They helped with the sugar cane trade. Most of them became owners of the land where they worked. Today, they are found in the region of Moule, Saint-François and Capesterre.

-The Lebanese and Syrians have been present on the island since the beginning of the century and control the majority of the business of the island, particularly the stores of fabrics and clothing located in the center of Pointe-a-Pitre.

-The “Metros” who originally came from France after World War II are mainly the administrative work force of the island. Small groups take part in the commercial sector.

Today, these socio-ethnic groups, a mix of many cultures over the centuries, make the glamour of Guadeloupe!

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