Climate of the Caribbean

French West Indies in the Caribbean have the advantage of a tropical and maritime weather. Two great seasons govern the Caribbean life.

The rainy season is from mid-june to mid-November, muggy weather, know as “hivernage”. Trade Winds are less powerful. The Ineter-Tropical Convergence Zone, kind of weather equator or “pot au noir” for the seamen, shift towards out latitude. Rain showers are more frequent and intense. The temperatures are about 31° with a higj humidityrate. It is also the season of tropical cyclones which rarely can turn into hurricane.

The dry season, from January to May, and known as “careme” is milder.
The anticyclone of the Azores, shifted towards South, generates nice Trade Winds, more powerful, on our islands. Rain showers are less frequent and intense. Most of the time, the weather is shiny with pleasant temperatures: 28-29°C in the afternoon.
Shore waters are from 26°C to 30°C.
Sunning close to 8 hours a day.

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