Guadeloupe practical informations

Time Difference

5 hours of lag in winter and 6:00 in summer with the metropolis.

How to go to the West Indies

With regular lines: Air France – Corsair – Air Caribbean


French and Creole, Guadeloupe villa but we welcome you also in English, Italian and Spanish.


Department french, Guadeloupe is subject to the same standards as the metropolis. You only need a good sunscreen.


Tropical climate oscillates between 23 ° (winter) and 32 ° (summer) but still very bearable because the heat is refreshed throughout the year by the trade winds.
Two seasons:
February to June – dry season or Lent

From July to January – wet season

During Wintering between September and November rains are more abundant with increased risk of cyclone.


Guadeloupe and its dependencies St. Martin / Saint Barthelemy / Désirade / Marie Galante and holy, is a French region as well as those of mainland France.

Entry Requirements

* For French citizens and the EU: the national identity card or
For nationals of foreign countries not belonging to the EEC nationals
United States, Canada and Japan and to stay
Tourist less than 3 months: valid passport


large tolerances are granted the rights and taxes on items for personal use
For the import of other items, such as firearms, for example, French law applies.
The export of plants is prohibited except cut flowers purchased from authorized retail outlets.


The Department of Guadeloupe is still mainly agricultural. The two main resources are sugar and bananas. Farming and industrialization are constantly progession without forgetting tourism became a mainstay of the economy Guadeloupe.


Guadeloupe’s cuisine reflects the historical past of the island. Each ethnic group has brought his personal touch. The Creole dish is typically made from fish to vegetables and local fruits.
The finesse of French cuisine, the spices of African dishes, not to mention the subtle fragrance and delicacy made from Asia is a mixture of Creole cuisine.


The legal currency is the Euro.
Bank or giro offsite are often rejected.
Credit cards are accepted at all locations.

Allow a minimum of cash.


Water sports are in the spotlight in Guadeloupe.
Marinas are well equipped to meet the needs of the marina.
* Marina Bas du strong (600 posts)
Marina of St. Francis (275 posts)

River Marina sense Basse Terre
(120 posts)


Ground Transportation

* Bus: a modern and comfortable bus service providing transport
shared among the different municipalities of the island. Flextime and stop at the
* Taxis: prices set by the prefecture

Car Rental: For more independence can easily obtain
a vehicle. At the airport, hotels and towns where it
A large number of renters.


* General Company.
The mixed company

For many cruise ships

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