Air Conditioning


In a century Guadeloupe has entered a modern society which has touted its benefits without foreseeing the consequences for small areas like ours of out and out consummation.
Our island is characterized by a strong dependence on electricity and a lack of resources in this area. Affected by this sad conclusion summarized in this one example: 1 / 3 of our energy costs (32%) is used to produce cold comfort to know the air conditioning  far ahead of the cold for  food (24%), and to keep  Guadeloupe Caribbean island firmly oriented towards a sound  and well thought  tourism.

Villa Guadeloupe you Caribbean vacation villa rental has regulated the use of air conditioners installed in the rooms of the main villa.

For rooms equipped with air conditioners, the rental price includes the night use.
*** The daytime use will be billed separately.



Guadeloupe adheres to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism. To integrate environmental issues and health and help make our archipelago of Guadeloupe a space of tourism unique.  The villa Guadeloupe is equipped with a solar water heater. It is the most environmentally friendly alternative for maintaining your clothes for example.

The rental in your Caribbean vacation villa includes sheets and linens that can not be taken outside the premises. A change of linen can be made if needed once during your stay.