Creole dishes at the dinner table

In this holiday villa with pool, we propose to put you in contact with pre-Selected local caterers. You can enjoy the local flavors during your evening meal in the hut at the edge of the pool. If you wish, we can we can also take care of stewardship, with an additional contribution based on the number of guests.

Examples of dishes proposed (subject to availability):


Craribbean plate – Scallop of fish – Cristophine en coquille – Gombos – Melon / Caribbean ham – Cucumber boat – Salted pie – Cake with olive or tuna


Main courses

Fish : Blaff/court bouillon / poisson grillé
Colombos :
Poulet / Porc / Cabri
Traditional plotted dishes :
Coconut milk chicken and tagliatelles pastas/ ham with pineapple / Ragout of Chatrous / pig fricassée / Pig Daube with green bananas / Sparerib of pork roasted
Garnitures :
Roots/ gratins/ rice/ Red beans and rice/ Angole beans
… Depending on the Entree…

Shellfish :
( with supplement)…
Ouassous à la nage
Roasted or poached lobsters