Specific and general conditions of sale

Arrival and departure times

The villa in Guadeloupe we offer the rent must be paid the day of departure between 10am and 12pm at the latest and will be occupied from 16 hours. be developed on a case prior to the conclusion of the contract. Prices calculated renting the villa in Guadeloupe are based on a number of nights and not days. Therefore, if for various reasons (schedules imposed by airlines, delays, uncertainties, etc..), The first and last days are shortened by a late arrival or early departure, no refund can be made. -Number of participants to stay:
The villa rental Guadeloupe must be occupied by the number of people stipulated in the contract. It is occasionally possible to invite people in the house, but where it is found by the local representative of the presence throughout the stay of a greater number of people to the number stipulated in the contract, Latitude 16 ° N 61 ° w can seek compensation prorated to the number of additional people based on the original amount of the benefit. In case of refusal, the local representative may request the departure of persons not initially foreseen in the contract.


The client has the obligation to ensure that the tranquility of the neighborhood is not disturbed by it. Any organization of festivals, ceremonies, etc.. must be specified before the conclusion of the contract. Failure to comply with this clause the corresponding on-site representative of Villa rental Guadeloupe, may request that the event organized in the house stopped.


Deposit and cleaning fee

The contract stipulates the delivery of a security deposit on arrival. This deposit may need to be paid in cash. This deposit will be returned on the last day of the stay after the inventory and inventory at end of stay.
A deduction from the deposit at the discretion of the corresponding on-site representative of Villa rental Guadeloupe, may be made in case of missing objects, possible breakage or restoration of the house in a state of disorder requiring additional hours household compared to those normally provided between two tenants. A cleaning fee of  € 120 euros is required upon arrival at the villa. This fee will not be refunded, it is a part of the rental price.
In case of refusal by the customer to give the beginning of stay the deposit and payment of final cleaning on his contract stipulated stay package, the corresponding site is entitled to refuse to hand over the keys to the villa.


We ask that you contact your insurance company to see if you are covered against risks (fire, water damage …). You will be asked for an extension certificate “holiday” of your main home insurance policy, or limited access to your stay in our specific rental contract.
If the damage caused is estimated higher than the deposit paid at the beginning of stay, case litigation by the need to play different parts of the insurance will be opened by the owner of your holiday villa in Guadeloupe.
The customer is responsible for personal belongings and valuables. Thank you close the villa during your absence.
The water and electricity charges are included in the rental price.
We remind you that the villa is built mainly of wood and to prevent accidents, we thank you for sure to turn off “fans and machines such as: dishwasher – washing machine etc. ..” during your absence.
Air conditioners know some hours use restrictions. Started at 21H to extinguish at 6am.


On arrival in the house you will have to pay a €1750 deposit. Deposit stated in your lease that will be returned on departure after an inventory.

Tax night

On site communal tax €1 / adult / night is requested.

Remaining balance

The balance of your package on your vacation rentals in Guadeloupe must be paid on the day of arrival.

SHORT STAY: For stays in Guadeloupe in vacation rentals of less than 10 nights a settlement in cash or by certified check is required.


State of play

We request that you return the house in the same condition as received on the day of arrival. To extend your vacation to the end we offer a package of restoration of the villa, it is 80 euros and includes more applied maintenance, change and laundry of linen.


A deposit of 25 percent of the total stay is required at booking.
To formalize booking your holiday villa with pool in Guadeloupe, we will send three parts acting contract to return bearing your signature and address and the deposit check required. The reservation deposit is 25% of the package stay. Upon receipt of your shipment and after receipt of the amount of the deposit, we will confirm your reservation by email farm.


The guest house “villa Guadeloupe” does not offer insurance. In case of cancellation the deposit terms and conditions of payment will be lost.